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Enjoy your sojourn at Quiet Dreams

If you’re looking for an individually furnished apartment for a short or a long stay in Jeddah Apartments, you will find a suitable place with Quiet Dreams. Located centrally in Jeddah Quiet Dreams is well positioned for business travelers as well as those who are here for a holiday. The Quiet Dreams apartments have contemporary living spaces and are a well-known name of the region. Providing you with a modern alternative to the Hotel Deals the group also offers attractive discounts and offers. Save some money and enjoy your stay with all the modern facilities like a free Wi-Fi, free parking, equipped kitchen and bathroom with toiletries. Find out more and check these online booking apartments at

More Time you Spend with us, more Privileges you Rack up from Quiet Dreams

Quiet Dreams works hard to offer their clients a lifetime of experience with excellent customer services, world class apartment facilities and great saving options so that you are always connected with them. They make sure that your period of stay with them has been the most memorable for which they offer loyalty programs to make you feel special. They have designed Ahlame programs to make your stay enjoyable. The program is divided into “Ahlame” Silver, “Ahlame” Gold and “Ahlame” Diamond programs. These programs fetch you access to privileges like free flight tickets, free room preparation for wedding day and birthdays, free laundry services, free breakfast, and early check-in and late check-out facilities etc. Find out more about it and make reservations for apartments at

Now Avail Discount on Living with Jeddah’s Leading Serviced Apartment: Quiet Dreams

Jeddah ‘s top serviced apartments from Quiet Dreams now offers discounts on your direct online bookings with them through their website. Enjoy the luxury stay in Quiet Dreams’ self-catering accommodation. Located at a convenient location in Jeddah the apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, flat-screen TV, air conditioning, satellite channels and more. Premium quality toiletries, bed linen and ironing services along with a shared lounge, free Wi-Fi and free parking are all just a few of the facilities of the apartment. Avail all this with a saving of 10 percent. Place your bookings online directly at to save some many while you have a pleasant stay at Quiet Dreams apartment.

Tips to Choose Service Apartments: Quiet Dreams

There are so many things that need to be considered while you choose a serviced apartment for your business trip or a holiday. Serviced apartments industry has been gaining popularity of late for so many reasons, yet it is always advisable to have a look at what your apartment manager offers you during your stay. Always check with your provider, how flexible they will be if your plans of stay change in future. Secondly, it is important to find out how safe the area where your apartments are located, so that you can travel harmlessly during the nights also, if required. Thirdly, be confirmed that the apartment has been covered adequately for fire safety and other legalities to be adhered by the local law. Also make sure that your main contact is available all the time during your stay for your needs. But when you are in this hotel in Jeddah, you can be assured of the above problems sorted with the leading chain of apartments from Quiet Dreams. The modern living, with all the amenities, service excellence, customer friendliness and a luxurious stopover experience will be your final choice of apartment. See more on and make online hotel reservations.

Serviced Apartments for your Family Vacations: Quiet Dreams

If it is time to travel to Jeddah with your family for a short holiday, take up a residence in a serviced apartment for the duration of your stay. If you happen to be around Jeddah then there is no better place than Quiet Dreams for a serviced apartment of your choice. The apartments have a splendid separate kitchen, modern living space and ample space for your family, unlike the space you find in hotels. With a number of serviced apartments Quiet dreams houses a few apartments that will be available to you even for a short period. Their apartments are all located at prominent places of the city that makes malls beaches, parks quite accessible. The apartments have lounge, separate bedroom, separate and bathroom well equipped for your stay. Explore more about the facilities and services offered by Quiet dreams for your stay with them.

The Lure of Service Apartments: Quiet Dreams

Quiet dreams apartments cater to you with the serviced apartments that will serve you as a home away from home. These apartments offer amenities quiet similar to a hotel but with the peace of mind and privacy of a home. UAE being a hub and conference tourism destination, the hotel capacities at times are not sufficient to serve travelers from around the world. The expatriates come from, other countries for months together. These apartments from Quiet Dreams are beautifully done spaces with all the amenities of a home. They provide housekeeping services and have restaurants in the premises, internet connections and other amenities aiming at making the guests’ stay as comfortable as possible. Find out more about the apartments on

Get the most from your Stays : Quiet Dreams Apartments

Quiet dreams apartments, located in Jeddah help with the accommodation services to the travelers who do not want to stay in hotels. A quiet dream owes a few apartments around Jeddah striving to be a global name in serviced apartments industry. Popularity of serviced apartments symbolizes a cleverly brought up generation that wants global experience but at their own terms. Such apartments serve good for those who believe in managing their own careers and will be on some other foster two three years further; increasing the cost of global mobility. Their employers at such conditions are often at a pressure to keep the costs down. Quiet dreams are an apt answer to such dwellers who want modern living spaces while living in some other land but at a lower expenditure. Find out more about what you can save from your accommodations at Quiet Dreams apartments. Visit

Quiet Dreams Apartments – A Better Bet than a Hotel

Serviced apartments have been emerging fast and are being used as an alternative accommodation location by many. The apartments are accessible at much lower costs than the hotels. Quiet dreams owe a number of apartments around Jeddah. The business community generally prefers such accommodations for their travel needs due to the personalized services that are home-like and due to the private atmosphere. All the basic services are provided during the stay here. Quiet Dreams provides well-furnished apartments and apartments with free free Wi-Fi in all areas along with a beach just 5 minutes away. Well fitted with wooden flooring flat-screen TV, a dining area and an equipped kitchen these apartments are a great place to stay at. Know more at

A Business Traveler’s Unlaxing Stopover: Quiet Dreams Apartments

With an inevitable reputation for service excellence and customer service, Quiet Dreams is slowly and gradually becoming a preferred destination for the business travelers’ when in Jeddah. Quiet Dreams Apartments is a great place for a stay over. The apartments are being used by many companies requiring serviced accommodation and those individuals who look for an alternative to hotel living. At Quiet Dreams you experience highest standards of corporate housing and a world class customer experience. They also have a support team that works to ensure that you have an enjoyable time here. The business travelers’ requirements for long term stays can be quite satisfactory here. Visit to know more.

Why Live in a Serviced Apartment?: Quiet Dreams Apartments

Many people prefer to stay at a hotel apartment rather than hotels. Queit Dreams Hotel apartments in Jeddah Serviced apartments are furnished apartments with facilities such as kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedrooms given for stay for a short or a long period. There are various reasons why the travelers prefer to stay in such hotel apartments than in hotels. They are

  1. Cost effective
  2. More space to live
  3. Serviced Apartment feels like your home
  4. For hotel benefits
  5. Flexibility of apartment living

Guests get increased flexibility, freedom and privacy along with numerous personal services to make you feel home. So next time you visit Jeddah, check in to the serviced apartments from Quiet Dreams and enjoy a different stay experience. Log on to their website for the details of amenities available with them